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A lot has happened over the past couple of months, hundreds of metres of fabric has gone through the studio and been printed, my ‘new’ and rather fabulous (but slightly damaged) table was installed, I said a sad goodbye to Aimee (my intern) who unfortunately had to leave due to illness but I said a happy hello to Vanessa and James who have joined me to help out with the printing.  There has also been a lot of building going on in the studio as we re-organised the space to make it more efficient and make room for more people to work in there.

Now I’ve just taken delivery of my new SS14 collection screens and I can’t wait to share the new designs with you, you’ll just have to wait a little longer.  For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on the designs for the AW14 though as you always have to be one step ahead of yourself in the world of fabric.  It always feels a bit strange to be so ahead of yourself and looking towards Autumn 2014, especially when we haven’t had any summer sunshine yet. For inspiration I’ve been turning to my hometown of Sheffield and the many shapes and forms on display in our city centre. Here are some of the intriguing pattern I captured with my camera and there is plenty here to get the ideas flowing and keep my sketchbook full.

DSCF7491 DSCF7492 DSCF7498 DSCF7507 DSCF7510 DSCF7512 DSCF7516 DSCF7520 DSCF7523 DSCF7525 DSCF7535 DSCF7537 DSCF7554 DSCF7561

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