Well, after 2 hours of cooking this morning (which was a lovely way to start the day actually) we all congregated at mum and dad’s for a party.
Here is what I spent 2 hours on this morning… 
Cheese and Tomato quiche

Parmesan and poppy seed sticks

Chocolate and peppermint fudge

I also mixed up some Halzherb dips and made a lovely mushroom pate from scratch! Yum Yum 
Here is the spread all laid out

Here is Lizzie resting with my sis Jess…

Here is the only shot I managed to get of her with Sophie (who she has renamed Betty bunny!).  She loved her but was playing with her and shaking her about so much so I couldn’t get a decent shot!

Well now I’m home and sooooo well fed and because of that I’m feeling too sleepy to go and do some new printing.  I’m not surprised though because I was up until 1am exposing 2 new screens!  At least I have plenty of food to keep me going, we’ve come back with enough leftovers to last us until Tuesday I think.

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