Visitor number one was Millie, my very lovely (and very tall) work experience student.  I’ve never had a work experience student before but memories of my own incredibly boring two weeks were enough to haunt me, so I was determined that Millie’s experience would be nothing like mine.  Hopefully I’ve achieved that.

Millie has split her time between me and another fellow Yorkshire Artspace artist, Coralie Turpin, so I’ve only had her in the studio for five days but it’s been great.  Millie has an obvious love of textiles and really loved the printing process so it’s been lovely to have such an enthusiastic student.  We’ve had a busy 5 days too, Millie has accompanied me on two research visits and she’s also learnt to screen print, designed her own 3 colour fabric, created the stencil and printed her fabric, designed two further prints to create a collection, learnt how to clean and care for screens as well as costing up her final printed fabric.  Today is her last day with me and she’ll be making something with her newly printed fabric.


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My other little visitor hasn’t actually arrived yet but we’re waiting in anticipation for Thursday to come when we welcome a new pug into our homes and our hearts.  We have been on the waiting list for the Pug Rescue association since before we got Lola and we always hoped that one day we’d be able to offer a home to a pug in need and now we can.  Ethel is a seven-year old fawn pug in need of both a new home and a play mate and we can’t wait to meet her.  She’s been described as a feisty little madam, which is basically the description of nearly every pug I’ve ever met to be honest. We just hope that Lola and Ethel get on with each other.  Lola has been in need of a playmate ever since we lost Ruby and just loves playing with other dogs so hopefully they’ll love each other straight away.

We don't have a recent photo but here is Ethel in her younger days.

We don’t have a recent photo but here is Ethel in her younger days.

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