I was lucky enough to be in an article in this Saturday’s Yorkshire Post Magazine, I knew it was happening obviously but it was still a bit of a shock!
I had a phone interview a couple of weeks ago with a writer called Sharon Dale, I’ve never done anything like that before so it was a bit strange but she was really lovely. The article was going to focus on 4 designers all based in Yorkshire, one from textiles, lighting, woodwork and furniture. I sent her some images of my work to use too and was really surprised to see my photos taking up most of the front page, slightly scary actually!
Here’s the article first page:

I’ve had quite a bit of contact because of it too which is great so I’ve been busy this week sending out some samples and also sorting out the washout booth and the 5 screens I’m getting made at the same time.  Hopefully they will all be here next week so my plan to start printing and selling by the metre is getting closer by the minute!

I included a sample of my new heavy weight fabric too – that’s the pale blue brolly piece.  It’s a great fabric, a 10 oz hemp and cotton mix that looks like a denim twill.  It’s really hard wearing so it’d be great for cushions.  That’s another job for this week though, washing and preparing the fabric!

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