Have you heard all the news about gas prices going up again?   It’s scaring the living daylights out of me and the hubby as we barely had enough money to pay the bill last winter!  We also got out new gas bill this month and a notice from our lovely gas company that they were doubling our monthly direct debit!!!!  Can you believe the cheek?

Well, this combined with the much desired need to make room in the ‘knitting chest’ (the place where all my yarn lovelies are stored)  has combined into me knitting up a blanket.  I bought some Rowan Big wool tuft in pink and grey in a sale in Coles about 3 years ago because it was half price and it’s still taking up room in one of the drawers.  I dug it out and decided to knit something with it.  Now, I have no idea why I am even attempting this because I HATE big wools!!!!  I find it annoying to knit with huge needles and I am never happy with the stitches, they always look uneven because of the tufts.  Also, I only have 5 balls of pink compared with 10 of grey so it’s going to be a little bit of an experiment!

Is it me or does this look like the hide of some kind of wild animal you’d find in a zoo?

I persevere because the thought of strapping the pugs to us for warmth this winter does not sound too great, for them or us?

Hubby is still working on his pair of socks which hopefully he will have ready for winter!  I’ve decided that I can no longer knit small cute little knits but need to start thinking about large chunky wools so that we can layer up! 


Written by Sarah


Miss 376

I might have to knit blankets instead of jumpers, hadn’t thought of that. I do like the thought of cuddling up with that wool though, looks really snuggly


I’m not sure I’ve got the staying power to knit a blanket, but I much prefer the thought of spending my money on yarn than on gas bills! I was really frugal with the heating last year, keeping the thermostat as low as possible and hardly using it at all during the day, but it still cost loads – I’m really dreading this winter with the price rises they are threatening…

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