Okay, one more post for today then I shall bother you no more I promise (unless it’s to post the pics I promised that is!).Another part of my New Years activity so far this year has been catching up with my podcasts. I subscribe to MANY and I mean MANY! I have a podcast problem. Here are my two favourites though:-Cast On by Brenda Dayne-Sticks & String by David Ready

I found Cast On September last year and have been subscribing for a while but Sticks and String I only found around episode 3 and instantly fell in love with it.  So far this year I have been catching up with old episodes which I can’t believe I haven’t got around to doing yet! I have listened to the first 10 of Brenda Dayne’s show and I think I have slightly overdosed (but it a good way).  Why are these podcasts so good then?  Well, firstly Cast on. This is an excellent podcast. Brenda is a great host who has a good natural style of broadcasting. The music is great and the features are funny and heartwarming. I must say that the latest episode Granny’s Book had me in tears over the two essays. The best ever episode Brenda – thanks!Secondly, Sticks & String. Firstly, I love the Australian accent, which was a major plus for this podcast from the word go. After I had got over that initial sigh of happiness over listening to Dave’s lovely voice I realised that the podcast is really good. Dave also is a natural broadcaster and his podcast is so relaxing to listen to. I love the essays and so far the interviews have been interesting and fun. I can’t wait to find out how this new podcast will evolve!

Written by Sarah

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