This is always the time of year when I go crazy just trying to get Christmas presents knitted, this year I just have the one though – a jumper for Owen. After Christmas 2012 I decided to stop knitting presents for the whole family and I must admit, it’s led to a much calmer December.  This year I took up the Debenhams knitting challenge (#DebsKnittingChallenge) and it’s kept me really focussed.  Usually my timing is a little off so I’m often sewing in ends or blocking Owen’s Christmas present either just before or just after Christmas.  This time I’ve been very good. I started the jumper on the 9th of November and even with my very busy November weeks and horrible flu-type thing, I’ve managed to get the neck and body almost finished so I have just the sleeves to finish.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 09.37.19

I chose one of Pickles wonderful patterns, this is my second project from their collection and the designs are just wonderful. I do seem to have the odd problem making sense of some of the instructions though.


I had to substitute the yarn as it was a little out of my budget but the trusty Cascade 220 Heathers came to my rescue. The pattern is knit in the round (I seem to have no patience for standard knits anymore) and includes a great rib stitch pattern that is very easy to learn and nice and quick. I’ve seen some people mention that it’s a little boring but if you’re looking for a good quick knit whilst you watch a dvd then this is it.

Here is it as of last weekend with arm decreases done, I think at this pre-blocked stage it’s rocking a slightly eighties shoulder pad look.

Screenshot 2014-12-11 09.45.17

Here is where I am now, just the ribbing on the bottom to do and the sleeves to finish which should be done by Saturday or Sunday . Here’s to another stress free Christmas knitting project next year!




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