You’ll be glad to know that today’s post wont be as depressing as yesterdays! I feeling a little better today, still really tired and sneezy and now with a cough but my head doesn’t feel as foggy.
I’ve also been a bit more productive today. Yesterday was mainly all about sleeping again and in the afternoon I did a bit of listing on Dawanda where I’ve opened a new shop. Today though I’ve been sorting out files on my computer which is really satisfying. How great is it emptying your recycle bin? Or is that just me?

I’ve also done a bit of Christmas planning for pressies. I wont have time this year to make everyone’s presents like I have done in previous years so this year I’m prioritising.  I’ve just bought some wool from Laughing Hens so I can knit Otto the polar bear for my niece Lizzie.  I always knit a toy by Ysolda for Lizzie, first was Elijah, then Sophie, now it’s Otto!  He’s adorable!  I think that it’s a nice an easy project I will be able to get done in plenty of time for Christmas.

Written by Sarah

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