In two days I have a job interview – arrrgggghhhh! I’m so scared because I completely go to pieces!  I’m one of those people who turns in to a huge pile of jelly and just sits there gibbering and drooling!  I’m sure I’ve conjured up a lovely image for you all!  It’s for a job at the library I already work at but it’s for more hours which I really need because of the hubby losing his job.  I’m working that day and I’m first (which means I get to see everyone else arrive for their interviews which is scary) so I think I’ll get there early and sit with a hot chocolate and my emergency sock knitting to relax me.  I’m not quite sure why I’m still knitting my socks really seeing as from May to September I don’t actually wear socks at all.  I now understand that they are there to make me feel better as I always reach for them in moments of stress or when I’m feeling a little fed up.  When my work isn’t going very well it’s much more comforting to come downstairs and sit with the puggies and grab my sock bag!

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Good luck with the interview. I hope it goes well and that the sock knitting helps. I went for an interview recently and didn’t get it. All the time I was waiting for my turn I was wishing I had my socks with me. They really do ease any tension.

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