I’ve had a good think over the weekend and decided that this is no way to go about things.  If something is troubling you or you’re not very well then you don’t give in, at least that’s what my mother always taught me!  My mum is queen of the ‘pull yourself together’ life motto so I’ve decided that I have to make my situation change by having a more positive outlook on life, just wish I could get rid of this stinking illness that’s all (have doctors on Tuesday which will hopefully shed light with test results that are due in!!!)

Also my brain is really beginning to drip out of my ear too with all this rest malarkey.  I’m just not the resting type really!  I work all day every day and rarely have any time off to actually relax, I suppose that’s the one good thing about being ill – plenty of time to relax and recouperate and plenty of time to take part in more leisurely activities!  So in my week off work I’ve read 3 books (working on my 4th) and I love it.  I’m a huge reader (or at least I used to be before I started running my own business!) but I haven’t read in so long, a little author called Stephenie Meyer changed all that though.  Yep that’s it – I’ve become enthralled in the massive cult that is the Twilight saga.  It was inevitable really – I do work in a library and hearing every 14-25 year old come in and ask for the books for the last 6 months or so has finally overcome me.  Have you seen the first film too?  I loved it and can’t wait to see the next!  Here are Edward and Bella – the new Buffy and Angel, and Buffy fans will be glad to know that Bella is just as annoying as Buffy!

Edward and Bella

The other thing that is keeping me occupied this week is the allotment.  When I say occupied I mean it consists of me watching the hubby dig and sitting in the sun!  Which reminds me – I have a physio appointment in a few weeks – goodbye bad back hopefully!  Will take some pictures tomorrow morning when we go and post soon.

Then of course there is the MAJOR news of me finally acquiring a studio space – this news is so monumental that I can’t even tell you how excited I am!  I’ve already started planning and budgeting like a good girl.  I’m putting in a funding application to see if some of my costs can be reduced – it’s worth a shot and I’ve also been browsing through the Ikea website.  This is first on my list:

GranemoThose of you who drool over lovely pictures of fantastic studios on flickr will recognise this cabinet as the Granemo cabinet from Ikea – a fantastic sliding glass door cabinet which is begging to be filled with gorgeous looking things.  I need some storage and it needs to be space saving so I’ve decided that a sliding door cabinet is just what I need.  I can just imagine it filled with little rolls of my fabrics!  Next printing table storage, plan-chest and a fab colour scheme – watch this space! xx

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Yay! I’m so glad you’re feeling more positive! Hope you get some helpful info from the doctors this week too.

Its good that you’re able to catch up on reading while you’re resting too. I’ve been off work sick for a few weeks and have fitted in more reading than I’ve been able to do for years! I’ll definitely check out the Twilight books next time I’m at the library :)

Those cabinets look as though they were made for craft studios! I’d love to have one full of fiber-y goodness and yarn in my house if there was room! Can’t wait to see your new studio once you’re settled in, it’s going to be great!

:) x


oh (i really should comment when I’m about to rush out the door) and I’m so pleased about the studio news. I thought you’d get it. Congrats and enjoy moving in – it’s a great feeling. see you soon x


Yes, congratulations and hang in there. The “pull yourself together” motto will take you far. Most everything can be waded through as long as you don’t panic and give up. It sounds like good things are beginning to happen…

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