Every day should be like this!  I woke up this morning to finish off the printing for the Christmas decoration pouches and then got my little suitcase ready to go out.  I had an appointment to pop down and have a chat with Emma from The Old Sweet Shop at Nether Edge about possibly stocking some of my items in the shop. Emma contacted me after seeing a Craft Candy flyer which then led her to my website and she asked if I’d be interested in stocking some of my items in her shop.  Of course I bit her hand off!  I love that shop, the work in there is great, I always go there first if I need a pressie for someone.

I used to look at places like that and think how wonderful it would be to have my work in a lovely shop or gallery.  I never thought I would actually though, I guess that’s one of those ‘my work isn’t good enough’ moments.  So as you can imagine, I’m over the moon! I just hope it sells now, although apparently a purse and mirror have sold already before my things even made it on to the shelves!

So please go down and have a look at The Old Sweet Shop if you are ever in the area, you might be able to pick up a really lovely original Christmas present for someone!

Written by Sarah

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