Ok, I’m not really blue, just ill!  I think I over did it trying to move in to my studio so for the last week or so I’ve been so under the weather that I’ve hardly been enjoying that new studio.  I’ve taken some time for proper rest and recovery which means stopping at home, getting my strength back and trying to fight off the bugger of a cold that just keeps coming and going but never properly arriving – you know the kind I mean?  Lots of sneezing, headaches and nose blowing but not the couple of days and get over it kind but the fortnight lingering kind!  Either that or it’s the return of those horrible headaches I had last year that arrived and stuck around for 2 months, I’m hoping this will all wear off by Monday now that I’ve taken the proper time to rest though so I can be back to my normal self for Monday.  Next week is a fairly quiet week, I have a physio appointment but that’s about it so I’m going to try and ease myself back into some proper studio work.  The following week I think I’ll be back at the library so no doubt I’ll be too knackered to go in to the studio.  There’s nothing like not having done ‘proper work’ for 6 months to really knock you sideways!  I have to see how I go though because Art in the Garden’s is now less than a month away and my stock has finally fizzled out – must get back to printing!

In the meantime in my ‘take it easy and recover’ phase I’ve been doing my favourite thing – my yarn inventory.  I’ve also been frogging all those old knitting projects that will never see the light of day.  Now I have a full cupboard of yarn and a knitting basket that is thank fully no longer overflowing!  I also knit a jumper these past two days, it was a nice quick knit from the Rowan Winter Drift book.  Now I can start looking forward to Winter knits and hot chocolates in front of a roaring fire – bring on the snow!

Written by Sarah


janine george

hey sarah, i hope you’re feeling better soon, sounds like you’ve overdone it lately. hopefully you’re having a restful weekend? im liking the look of your new studio though,maybe you will appreciate it more once you feel better and when you’ve settled in properly? and i like the way owen rounded off the shelf edges for you, that made me laugh! jx

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