I have found the most gorgeous clutch ever and it’s made by one of my friends – how fab is that?
Kay is the brains behind Lilidrawspictures and not only is she talented but she’s a fellow trekkie! I was looking through the Craft Candy flickr group to pick this weeks featured member to put on the home page when I saw that Kay had uploaded some pictures of some new purses she’d made – just take a look at these little gems…

La Cage

Two Birds

I love both of them – I can’t decide which is my favourite!  I would really love one but all my spare money has gone on setting up my studio at the moment so I can’t really afford to buy myself one!  I’d love to tell you not to buy one so I can have them all for myself but I’m sure Kay would make me another if I asked so what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and get yourself one of these cuties before they’re gone!

Written by Sarah

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