I had a fabulous day planned today – a mega sewing day with 2 strappy tops made with my lovely new fabric but it didn’t happen, boo hoo.  Instead me and the hubby spent all day tidying the spare room which more or less hasn’t been touched since we moved in a month ago.  The only furniture we have in the room is a desk which has had both our computers squeezed on it, my mac and hubby’s ugly PC! Everything else in the room is (or should say was) piled on the floor.  My parents are giving us a shelving unit but in the meantime we decided we couldn’t stand it any more and we had to do something about it.  Plus my sewing machine was literally buried at the bottom of it all.  Yes you’ve guessed it, all this started as a way of getting my machine out!  I am happy as I have a room I can actually get in now (and find things) but the sewing will have to wait for another day.

Here is the lovely fabric waiting to be made in to a lovely top:

This is one fabric from a range by Henry Glass & Co. called Polly Goes to Paris and everything in the range is gorgeous!  Here is a link to a post on True Up which shows all the available prints.  There is a fabulous quilt pattern available at Patchwork Direct using 5 fabrics from the range and when one of the helpful ladies there showed it me I just wanted to buy all the fabrics and run home and make it!  Instead I decided to be good and wait until my next visit, hopefully by then all the clothes I want to make with the fabrics I bought on my last visit will be made and so I’ll be ‘allowed’ to start another project!

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