I have a new pattern obsession – Colette patterns.  My patterns arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to start them.  My back is very bad this week so I can’t do much of anything but I can sit at a sewing machine so that’s what I did!

Here is the gorgeous fabric I used, it’s from Coles (or John Lewis to be exact!) and is part of the Antique treasures range (pattern 9829)  Apologies for the crap photos, they were taken with my phone!  All the fabrics in this range are gorgeous and the prints are so vintage looking, the Sencha top was just screaming to be made out of one of them!

All I have to do now is sew the snaps on the back and then take some photos, I’ll do that tomorrow!

Yesterday when I wasn’t sewing I was cutting up pieces of fabric to send to Kiss Prudence.  Kiss Prudence is based in Leeds and I met Helen (the lady behind the name) at one of the Craft Candy fairs.  She makes the most gorgeous toys, here is one of her elephants:

Helen asked if she could use some of my fabrics for the ears of these wonderful elephants so of course I said yes!  I cut up 30 pieces in a variety of different prints and colours and posted them off, here is the little collection (again sorry for the hideous image!)

I can’t wait to the see the finished elephants, don’t worry I’ll be linking to them when Helen has finished making them!

Written by Sarah



hey sarah! that antiquey fabric is gorgeous, i love it, i havent looked at the fabrics in there for ages, even though i went in yesterday! duh! i can’t wait to see the elephant ears using your fabs too, they’re guna look great, i love those ele’s! love J xx

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