I’m so excited – I got my grant approved!  I really expected to be turned down as my business advisor said people were often turned down and had to resubmit information, but he phoned and gave me the good news Thursday!

Here is a picture of the kind of booth I’ll be getting:

Washout booth

I’d seen many on the internet – they all look pretty similar.  Here is the nicest I’ve found though:

Like Butter booth

Isn’t this gorgeous! It was made by Like Butter for the fabulous Ink and Spindle – unfortunately they are based in Australia so there wasn’t much chance of having one shipped over –  plus think of the airmiles!  Mine is coming from York so not too far away at all.

I’m not the kind to normally fall in love with machinery but I suppose there is sentimental attachment here too as it means a huge leap for my business!  Even though my booth wont be quite as pretty I’ll still love it!

Hopefully I’ll have it in about 2 or 3 weeks so I’ll take lots of pictures once it’s all installed.

Written by Sarah

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