Well – due to the bad back and 2 broken toes I am going to be glued to the sofa today. To lessen my pain my Amazon order FINALLY arrived today! It’s only 3 weeks late! It had tried to be delivered once, whilst we were on holiday, but for some reason it has gone missing and Amazon don’t seem to know where it went so the order that arrived today is my replacement.Here’s what arrived this morning (not the pug – she was here already!)Itty Bitty Hats and the latest Stephanie Pearl-McPhee called Casts Off – I have already started to knit one of the Itty Bitty Hats.Years in to my knitting hobby I have still not managed to knit anything with circular needles – I’m not sure how that is possible but there it is. So here is my first attempt this morning, a little green baby hat knit out of Rowan handknit cotton:So far I am enjoying it, it was a little tricky at first because I am getting used to the fact that the pin part of the needles are so short!!! It feels really strange whilst I’m knitting. I do like the fact that it will be seam free though.p.s Bad back story – ongoing annoying injury!p.p.s Broken toe story – short and sweet – fell over the metal bit on my doorstep last night. Such is life.

Written by Sarah

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