I feel terrible on so many levels today. I’ve still got my cold which is making me feel really fed up, after all my plans to try and do some work yesterday I did nothing but sit on the sofa, watch dvds and check my emails now and then. No stitching, no knitting or anything! I just feel so tired. I got the sneezes in an awful way yesterday and my eyes wont stop streaming. Every time I sneeze my back really hurts too. The day lying on the sofa on Sunday has made it worse so I have to brace myself every time I sneeze! The other reason I feel terrible is that I’ve had to phone in sick at work. I hate phoning in sick and I haven’t done it for ages. Even when my back has been really bad I’ve still not phoned in sick because I worry what people will think of me if I don’t go in, so I just go and put up with it. With a cold though it’s different, not only do you feel like death but you have the added guilt of passing it on to everyone else! I feel awful now because I feel like I’m letting everyone at work down. You just know that the day you phone in sick is going to be really busy and that it’s your fault because they’re short staffed.

I feel like going back to bed and burying my head under the duvet. On top of all this my shoes that arrived yesterday don’t fit.

Sorry to be so depressing, I’m not a very good patient am I?

Written by Sarah

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