Quite a long time aparently! Knitting is my ultimate hobby and I adore it completely but every now and then I need a break. Some would say that means that I haven’t really submitted myself to this wondrous art but I say no – sometimes I just need a break. This time though it’s been a much longer break than expected and for that there is a very good excuse – many many weeks ago I fell out with my best friend, my fellow knitter. It was very upsetting and to be honest I haven’t really gotten over it yet. Because she was my main knitting partner (except Owen of course) the end of our friendship has also signalled the temporary end of my knitting. I haven’t been able to pick up my knitting needles, even though I have wanted to.

But – Last month I had a break through – the Rowan and Innocent partnership of knitting little wool hats for Age concern has started again and that was all I needed to push me in the right direction. I bought some wool last week and now have other projects on the go too. Welcome home my knitting needles said.

Ok – first new project, a summer top for my holiday to St Ives in August (3rd year wedding anniversary too!)