As you know I moved house 4 weeks ago and in an effort to ‘get excited’ about owning my own house I’ve decided to start looking at how I can decorate the rooms.  I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t have the ‘house buying gene’ as I haven’t as yet got excited about the prospect of owning my own house, hubby loves it though and it’s given him such a sense of security which is fabulous.  I keep thinking that maybe I’ll start feeling more excited once I can get my hands on the place and start making it ours.

The house is fairly unoffensive in it’s decoration so it’s not urgent although there is some nasty wood chip wallpaper which will need dealing with – urgh!  The only major structural work that needs doing is downstairs, we have a small kitchen with a shower room next door as a disabled lady lived here some years ago.  The plan for that is to eventually knock the wall down in between and make a kitchen/dining room.  That can wait though as it means getting a new kitchen and the one that’s in is pretty nice it seems a shame to rip it out.  We’ve decided to start with the rest of the house first so I’ve been hunting for inspiration, here are some of the lovely images I’ve found:

I have one of those Cath Kidston home ideas journals, they are really handy and I used it to start collecting together images I like such as the ones above.

You can write about everything you’d like to do and it makes you start off by writing about the bad points in the room, where do you start!?!?!  One of the best things about the journal is that it’s got this fabulous stickers at the back that you can use to plan out your rooms.  There are cute little sofa’s, beds, chairs and kitchen sink!  Too sweet!

I had thought it’d be one of those fabulous things that I keep and never write in but I’ve decided life is too short for that so why not enjoy using it!

Written by Sarah

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