Whitby was lovely and the weather was really good to us.  We stayed in a place called Ugthorpe just outside Whitby.  I think next time I’d like to be a little closer so that we can wander in to town easily!

I found the knitting shop called bobbins which was a lovely little place, a real treasure trove.  Here are the goodies I came back with:

I found a lovely ball of Noro sock yarn, 2 hanks of gorgeous Brigantia Yorkshire pure wool and a ball of Lang Mille colori.  Nice little finds I think!  I have no idea what I’m going to do with the Brigantia but the Mille Colori is for a cute little scarf – watch this space!

Okay, here are the obligatory holiday photos…

The beginning of the week started off like this, here is the abbey, doesn’t it look very Dracula?

After the first day the fog cleared and we had nothing but blue skies:

Here is another lovely shot of the abbey, this is as close as we could get without paying a small fortune to get in!

And we then walked around the abbey to get a lovely shot of the town towards the harbour:

But more importantly than the scenery – I finally finished the jitterbug sock and started my zebra socks!  It’s lovely to go on holiday and actually have time to knit!

Written by Sarah

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