I’ll admit, my posts on here have been very heavily weighted to the knitting side of life recently due to the fact I’ve not been in the studio.  I really wish I had room to do even a little printing at home but sadly I don’t so I’ve kept by creative side alive whilst I’ve recuperated by doing plenty of knitting and starting work on designing my next collection of fabrics for Spring/Summer.

I’m heading back to the studio on Monday though and I can’t wait, I’m sure I’ll want to jump right in with some printing but I have lots of admin to do with all the post Christmas exhibition related stock so my first job will be to do a massive stock take.  I must admit that the organiser in me loves it.

I’ve been making lots of plans since the new year and would love to release another collection of fabrics in the Spring, the last collection was based around nature, this next collection is shaping up to be quite different at the moment.  I’m also sourcing some heavier weight fabrics and so look forward to test printing some samples of those soon so it’s all go at the moment.  Don’t you just love this time of year?  To all the other busy bees planning for their year ahead, here’s to a busy and creative 2013 for us all.


Written by Sarah


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