Hello and Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, things were hectic before Christmas, running to and from the post office, packing up lots of parcels and still working the day job and trying to prepare for Christmas!  What a busy time of year!

I hope everyone got lots of lovely things for Christmas.  I got some absolutely wonderful presents this year, I’ll take some pictures soon so I can share them with you, my main pressie was absolutely amazing!!!

I was also busy tidying before Christmas, trying to get my workroom in order before the Xmas break so that I could get right back to work (which I did on Sunday!).  Here is how it’s looking with my new trestle desks from Ikea:

I decided to get two work tops so that I could have one desk to work on and the other to sew on.  Here is my sewing desk with my sewing machine and overlocker in place (note the messy corner).

The other important thing we did just before Christmas was alter an existing shelving unit to make room for my screens.  Up to this point my screens were just leaning against which ever surface wasn’t being used, I was getting really sick of that so hubby brought home a shelving unit he wasn’t using in his studio and we made it fit in the small space at the end of the desk.  It’s not ideal but it’s a much better solution.  I also use the other shelves to store all my inks.

How I managed to fit in some knitting in the week up to Christmas I have no idea but I did.  I had to knit a toy for my niece, a hat for my dad, a purse for my mum and a tree decoration size stocking for my sister!  I managed it all amazingly, and this year I wasn’t knitting into the late hours of Christmas eve, I had it all done by 11am that day!

Written by Sarah

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Joey Ramone

Hiya Sarah, what a lovely neat ordered crafty room! It’s very nice indeed and I’m very envious! :D It looks very light and airy, nice.
Joey xx

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