Where has this year gone?  I think it’s about time I started planning for all those summer knits!  I have 2 unfinished items from last year, a white cotton fine knit strappy top from a Rowan magazine and a Kid Acne tank top with a gorgeous sea horse design.  Oh and I almost forgot about Sadie, knitted from Rowan’s beach cool!

Last night I started planning my little niece’s Christmas present (you can never be too prepared!).  Of course she’ll be getting Ysolda’s latest toy offering…the polar bear! But I was also contemplating a cardigan from one of Debbie Bliss’ books.  I have some baby cashmerino in yellow and cream I bought a year ago for a baby cardigan for Lizzie but now I can use it for one a bit larger!  I have just enough seeing as the other one was a striped cardigan and I’ll be adapting the pattern slightly for a striped look!

Written by Sarah

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