Can summer actually be here now? I’ve woken up this morning to glorious sunshine and it feels great! I’m so happy there are lovely blue skies and a nice summer breeze. I just wish I could get out there and enjoy it. I exposed another print last night so it’s a busy day of printing for me today.

We had a little scare last night with Ruby which has kind of put me on edge this morning. Someone knocked on the door and the pugs as usual starting barking so I decided to pick them up and take them in the kitchen as hubby went round to answer it. But Ruby being the nosy little pug that she is couldn’t bear the curiosity and had to break free so she wriggled out from under my arm and fell from waist height on to the kitchen floor. She landed on her side and I don’t think she hit her head but she was slightly stunned. It terrifies me when the pugs do silly things like that! She had a bit of an evening nap and then woke up and stumbled a bit, I think she must have been a bit dizzy. We were that worried that we made a quick phone call to Ruby’s lovely breeder who said not to worry and take her to the vets if she was still stumbling around this morning, luckily she wasn’t! I know they are very sturdy little things but Ruby is still so young, we worry about her!

Written by Sarah

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