I have spent the last 2 days apart from Gretel – things have got too painful now, we’ve grown apart – I can’t even look at her!! Let me show you what went wrong…Does this look right?

No – because somehow I’ve totally altered the pattern!!!! I have no idea what I’ve done – all I can think is that maybe I’ve started a round in the wrong place and it’s sent me off the track!  It’s funny really – I just can’t believe I didn’t spot it earlier! I think my main factor in my gretel downfall was the fact I was trying to get it finished quickly so I could show my mum – who wanted a version of her own for mothers day.  So that’s my defence – I’m blaming the tight schedule!!!!  So here she is all forlorn and off the needles waiting to be ripped back!!! Gretel version 2 on the way shortly.

Written by Sarah

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