I have just about finished the band of the hat now and it looks great so far.  I’m glad I have passed the first hurdle and I can’t wait to start the cables (I love them!).  

I’m feeling a little full of cold which could be explaining the huge headache I have had all week so hopefully that’s all it is.  I’m off to work later so I hope I don’t feel worse.  Isn’t the gorgeous weather making us all feel a bit more happy though?  I actually took my coat off yesterday on the way to work!!! I think I’ll take some pictures out and about today of the lovely sunny Sheffield.



Written by Sarah



Hi, there! This is my first visit to your blog. I was chuckling when I read how nice the weather is. I’m looking out the window at 8 fresh inches of snow, and it is raining right now! ha ha…

I like the gold color you’re knitting with.


Thanks for visiting! We’ve not had any snow here this winter so far – I’m jealous!!


Hope you are feeling better soon. Your Gretel is looking good (I like the gold colour too) and you’re making great progress. Wish I could say the same! I tried the tubular cast on yesterday but got myself in a tangle. I won’t be defeated though. I’ll try again tomorrow whilst watching Ysolda’s video tutorial.

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