I’ve been a super scaredy cat for weeks over Gretel by Ysolda.  I do the same thing everytime.  I buy a gorgeous pattern, buy the wool, can’t wait to start it and then chicken out at the first hurdle! With Gretel it was the cast on – a tubular rib cast on.  It doesn’t help that I hate the thumb cast on method either.  Well yesterday I finally started it and after a couple of tries I have cast on all my stitches and knit the first two rows.  Now I just have to rearrange them for a 2×2 rib.  I’m knitting it with the Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran tweed I bought from The Wool Baa in Sheffield.

Written by Sarah



I too have had this pattern on my to do list but have been a little scared by the tubular rib cast on. Seeing you take the plunge has inspired me to have a go.


You should definitely take the plunge – It really is worth it, it’s such a gorgeous pattern! Good luck!


Isn’t it gorgeous!!! I’ve never gone for anything this strong for a hat before but hopefully it’ll look gorgeous!

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