The weather has been beautiful in sunny Sheffield and we’ve said a huge hello to the bank holiday and the rest it brings.  As part of the huge number of self employed people in this country me and hubby always battle with what to do, should we go to work, should we stay at home?  Usually we do a bit of both, this time we’ve decided to stop at home and enjoy some time off.  This did have something to do with the fact that hubby is waiting on silver and I’m waiting on a huge fabric delivery, both of which have meant we’ve reached a stalemate on our current projects.  So, here we are at home and enjoying the sun, have we rested though?  No of course we haven’t!  The bank holiday began with a kitchen worktop demolition to move the Ercol dresser.   The dresser has been sat in the living room since we moved in and with the gorgeous sideboard I bought a couple of months ago, there just wasn’t room anymore.   We had always meant the dresser to live in the kitchen but didn’t have plans to start the kitchen as soon as this.  We have a horrible wet-room next to our kitchen downstairs, this was for a disabled lady who lived in our house some years ago.   As soon as we came to look around the house we knew it had to go to make room for a bigger kitchen (ours is teeny) so the plan was to knock down the wall, not yet mind you, but at some point in the next ten years.  My suggestion to move the dresser though spurred hubby on and as of lunchtime today, the sink, part of the toilet and all the tiles have gone from the wet room, he’s now started muttering about removing the false ceiling.  I’m off to the garden centre this afternoon to drool over the beautiful plants, I hope I don’t come home to a demolished house!

Written by Sarah

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