I went in to town after I finished work last Wednesday to move some of the things we’d moved from the old house in to my new studio.  Things were still quite messy with piles of rubble on my floor created from my wall being torn down!  I wasn’t sure after seeing it that I would be in there for another month but in the last few days things have really moved on.  I got an email on Thursday with my official move in date set for Monday 13th July so I think they are really pulling out the stops to get things done over the next week.  Hubby has been fabulous – he went in yesterday whilst I was at work and pulled up the manky lino and carpet so it could go in the skip that YAS had hired which was being collected at the end of yesterday.  Aparently there is still some gunky stuff that needs scraping off the concrete floor before I can paint it but it’s a vast improvement.

I completely forgot my camera though so could only take some crappy pictures with my camera phone – then when I got home the stupid thing had malfunctioned and the pictures weren’t there!  I so need a new phone!  Have asked the hubby to take the camera down on Monday though so pics to follow soon.

I made a big decision as far as work is concerned this week, it’s risky money wise but I need to do it, I’m going back to my old contract at work of 16 hours a week.  I started at the library on 16 and then after I’d been there a while the chance to take up some more hours to increase my contract to 21 came up so I interviewed and got the job.  I’ve been on 21 hours for a year now though and I’m finding the long shifts too much when I’m working before I leave the house and when I get back at 8pm.  I used to work 4 shifts a week of 4 hours each, either mornings or afternoons then I’d go back home and work for the other half of the day and it suited me well so that’s what I’ve asked to go back to from the end of July.  I’m not sure whether I’ll be working over 3 days or 4 but I look forward to no more late nights at the library and hopefully not feeling quite so tired!  My ‘day job’ still makes me so much more tired than my own business does!

Written by Sarah

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