I spent most of yesterday in bed after phoning in sick for the second time this week, I was just so tired and my cough was annoying the hell out of me! Today my cough is much better though thanks to some lovely sweet cough syrup. Hubby has come down with a cold today though so I have major guilt about that, he’s snoozing on the sofa with the pugs as I type.

Time for a cute puggy picture methinks.

This was Ruby this morning with her mouth clamped around one of her favourite toys, she looks a little possessed I think!

Today I’ve still been taking it easy but I am desperate to get back to work so I’ve been uploading a few pictures and opening a new Dawanda shop for my pug jewellery so now I have one on etsy and one on Dawanda.

Here it is.

Now I’m just trying to plan to get ready for Christmas, I’ve got to see about taking some of my jewellery in to a couple of shops, work on my limited edition textiles (more news about that later!) and the new Christmas decorations!  It’s all very exciting!

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