Yesterday I visited my friend Gemma Nemer in her new studio in Imperial Buildings in Rotherham and was absolutely blown away by all the work she’d put into making it a dream studio.  I also went to see the signs I’d printed for her all finished and hanging in their rightful place, they looked amazing!

Here is the large sign I did with the name of her studio ‘The button tin’.

Here is the smaller sign ‘vintage craft studio’

The windows in the kiosk are really lovely and Gemma wanted a sign that would compliment all her displays.  We spent about a week meeting up and chatting about what she wanted and choosing from a zillion fonts until Gemma found some she was happy with.  I sketched up several ideas for her based on the size of her window and she brought in all the fabrics she wanted to use to compliment the signs.  Gemma wanted green for the colour of the signs so I mixed up a special green ink to match a piece of vintage green fringing she had and wanted to use to trim the signs.

One of the fonts was a very intricate vintage font so I had all the stencils laser cut and then printed on to unbleached calico, once ready Gemma used the panels to sew on to her banners and complete the look.  I think they look amazing!

I’m going to write a blog post over on the Craft Candy blog later today about my visit to Gemma’s studio so head over there later if you’d like to see some more photos of Gemma and her work.

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