Well, it’s been a funny old week.  I feel like I’ve not had much time for anything really!  I have achieved two things this week though; the light box is all finished (yippee!) and I started (and have almost finished) my 50’s dress.  The dress is going to be my chosen piece of work to submit to my sewing class I think.  I really don’t see the point of having to put something in for assessment but I suppose the college has to justify the course in some way nowadays with some kind of qualification.  I don’t go for the qualification though, I just go for the social aspect really!  There are so many nice people on my course and I’m lucky enough to not pay for the course because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go.  I have learnt new things on the course too which is nice.  I consider myself competent at sewing but there are a few things that I’m not too good at so for those kind of things it’s been nice to be able to have a teacher to ask.

As far as the light box goes I had to get it all finished pretty quickly so that I can do my knitting print which has been long overdue.  It will be the third attempt at this particular print and the main reason it’s been so tricky is because it’s quite detailed and I’ve not been able to weight the screen and acetate together but now I think the light box should solve the problem!

I have a day off today so hopefully I’ll get lots of work done although I have a dreaded application form to fill in before the 22nd of April which I shouldn’t put off much longer!  I hate doing them and I know who else I’ll be up against if I get an interview so I don’t hold out much hope.  If I don’t get the job though I wont be able to stay there because I can’t afford to live on such few hours work anymore and there wont be any other jobs with more hours coming up!  Such is life though – other job suggestions would be warmly welcomed!

Written by Sarah

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