Folksy recently asked Folksy members to choose one featured item as a trial for the homepage and then 70 (or something like that!) items were taken from that list and they keep re-appearing on the homepage.  Guess what?  My purse was chosen!  I even spotted it on the homepage…

Folksy front page

Can you see me?  Very tiny but I’m there!  It’s not easy to fit a whole screen grab on to a blog really!  It all seems a bit random as to how the featured items pop up on the home page, sometimes they are there and sometimes they aren’t but it’s fab anyway!

I’ve been adding a few more items to my Folksy shop recently because I’d like to have 2 pages of stock instead of just one, it really does look nice to see a long list of products, much better than only seeing one or two.  My most recent addition are my printed notebooks.  I’ve had them on Etsy but not on Folksy and I decided it was time to take some better pictures because the old ones were awful!  These are the ones I took yesterday…

Knitting notebooksNotebooks reverse

Still no news on the studios yet though, if I keep my fingers crossed any longer then they’ll fall off!

Written by Sarah



Ooh, those notebooks look great! Love the yarn design and the red on the brown card.

I bought some boring plain ones of those Moleskine notebooks recently and they’re the best I’ve used (I like the rounded edges!). I’ll definitely look into getting some of yours when mine are getting full! :)

Joey Ramone

Very nice notebooks, very nice pictures of them! I like how the background pattern is the same as the pattern on the books. They look very comforting and warm.
Joey x

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