To pick just five is hard, especially when you follow over 200 on Bloglovin. I started with 14 then spent 10 mins whittling the list down to a reasonable seven before eventually getting to five.  I’m sure these are going to be so well known to you dear readers but here they are for your perusal…


This is a fabulous blog which, if you’re a fan of clothesmaking, just simply amazes.  How does Lauren make that many clothes??  She’s a clothes sewing superstar.

The Annotated Weekender

Taking the time to fulfill my giggle quota. I love this blog and never get bored of looking at the great doodles and illustrations.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 16.28.02

This one wins the award for most beautiful blog in my opinion, gorgeous photographs, lovely clothes and fantastic outfits.  Plus a lovely bit of food thrown in too.

Screen shot 2013-05-04 at 16.26.25

For the knitter in me, just gorgeous. I could list a million things that are wonderful about this blog but spelling out words with knitting says it all.

True Up

“All fabric, all the time” Nuff said.

Written by Sarah



Thanks Helen, I’m glad I’ve be able to share a couple of new ones with you. She is amazing isn’t she, I’d love to be able to make clothes THAT well and THAT fast!

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