I have a blissful 5 days off work and it feels great!  I have so much work to do before the fair so I am really appreciating all this extra time.  I am pretty much on schedule for the fair now, I’m just making a few new products to take with me.  I’m making some toys, keyrings and finishing the bags.  Due to my much needed photo emulsion delivery yesterday I can now go ahead and print up 2 new bag designs.  I’m really liking them actually, I’ve worried about the bag designs more than any of my other designs I think.  I can’t wait to see them! Pictures later I promise.

Exposure will have to wait until later though, I coated 2 new screens this morning but they wont be dry before I go out – yes I’m going out again! That’s twice in 2 weeks – anyone would think I actually had a social life!  I’m going round to a friends house tonight for another crafty chums meeting, oh and some takeaway, drink and crisps too!

I actually miss going out a lot more than I realised.  After spending the last 4 years which not much money I never realised how much I took it for granted.  I used to spend more time out than at home in my early twenties! Now here I am, shortly turning 28 and still broke but much happier!  I don’t regret leaving my full time job though, if I had never done that I would have never dedicated more time to my business.

I don’t want stress this next week to get to me though so I have made a list of things to look forward to after art in the gardens:

1. Making things without a craft fair deadline!

2. Going to Whirlow Farm fair and helping my mate Yvonne on her stall.

3. Visiting the Knitting and Stitching show in Birmingham on 11th Sept

4. Visiting my old university mate in Manchester at the end of the month.

5. Having time to design!!!

I can’t wait!!!!

Written by Sarah

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