It’s day five of Blog every day in May challenge and, apart from a major cock-up on Thursday/Friday, I’m managing to keep on top of the posts. Today’s theme is fit and healthy and what a better way to start this post than by sharing this wonderful Etsy item with you. I love it, but maybe I love it for the wrong reasons, as my weird sense of humour loves the thought of a fork that can make you feel guilty when eating chips!

Make Healthy Choices - Hand Stamped Fork

Hand Stamped Fork by ForSuchATimeDesigns

I decided the best theme for my post on this topic was discussing a couple of the pitfalls of being a busy workaholic and how to try to maintain some kind of normal healthy lifestyle whilst running your own business.

Food Glorious Food
After a few years of gradually piling on the podge I finally got my arse in gear and lost just under 3 stone.  I’m now the size I used to be – before I got married, before I got addicted to home baking and before I got too busy to eat properly.  At my busiest I was working full-time, running Craft Candy and running my own business.  This led to some terrible bad habits and me and Owen would either eat on-the-go at the studio, or come home late and get takeaway before we jumped back on the computers and carried on work until the early hours.

Antidote….Prepare and plan – I plan all our meals for the week ahead, not only does it keep the food bills down but it stops the ‘what shall we have for tea?” conversation that ultimately leads to a takeaway.  We now eat healthier meals and have stopped the bad habit of being so busy that we skip meals, or go for the quick easy option of a takeaway.

Walk don’t Run
I am quite an active person and being on my feet all day printing definitely helps, but I always was active, just a bad kind of active. It was the stressed kind of active when you spend your time running from one job to another or from one meeting to another event.  The good kind of active is getting some decent exercise and making time to fit it in.

Antidote…I walk every day and it’s no longer a stressed walk-almost-run, but it’s a deep breathing, taking the time to get your body moving kind of walking. I don’t have the cash to go to the gym but I can still get some good exercise by using the free things in life. Make your exercise enjoyable and you’re much more likely to find time to fit it in.

No time for anything else
I have a million hobbies and interests (all though to be fair, most of them are textile related) but workaholics find it hard to fit hobbies in and you should never underestimate the importance of looking after yourself in other ways than just eating the right things and getting some exercise.

Antidote…Find some time for yourself to do what you love. Step away from the work, it’ll still be there when you go back. What good will you be to your clients and customers if you’ve run yourself into the ground and forgotten to look after your biggest business asset? That’s YOU by the way! I like to read, knit, sketch and hug a pug and that helps keep my mind healthy. Find whatever you love and make time for it. Your body and brain will thank you for it.

Written by Sarah

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