Well, another busy week although this one has gone a bit better!  I’ve been working harder than a little Duracell Bunny and now I’m feeling like I’m having a breakthrough.  The main reason for my better mood this week has been the fact that I have actually managed to get some knitting done (even if it has only been a baby hat and pair of baby socks!) and also I’ve cracked the printing problem.  That’s the deal with being self taught, you have a steep road to climb because all you have is what you pick up along the way.  I declared to my hubby this week that when I finally get my own studio I will teach other hapless peeps like my self to screen print!  The booties I made are very cute, just a little Debbie Bliss pattern in plain simple white because I’m not sure what my friend is having yet; a boy or a girl!  I’ve also been knitting a blue and white striped hat.  I’ve been trying to have a bit of down time this week and so have been snatching a bit of time whilst watching a few things on iplayer and getting on with a few knitting things that don’t need too much concentration.  I’d love to work on my wrap cardigan but it’s too much counting really for a tv project! I’m not sure how much further I am with all the things I have to make for the Craft fair but I’ve made a new schedule so that should help.  I’ve scrapped a few things that I definitely wont have time to make, now I just have to order a few purse frames this weekend and hopefully I’ll be well on my way.

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Miss 376

I sometimes wonder where all the time goes, always feels better when you get something accomplished

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