Well, after a week of feeling pretty crappy I am finally starting to feel better.  For some reason my cold left me with some strange sick feeling that has put me off my food all week!  It also has meant I’ve not been able to do much, or eat much for that matter!  I managed some hot food yesterday for the first time in nearly a week so hopefully I’m on the mend.  Whilst I love cornflakes, a week of eating them for breakfast and tea (with toast for lunch) has been a bit boring.  I’ve also not been able to eat any of my easter eggs!

All this though has meant lots of days on the sofa under a blanket knitting so here’s what I’ve been up to… Simultaneous sock knitting!

I’ve finally got around to finishing Owen’s tiger socks.  I only had one to knit so I’ve been knitting it at the same time as starting a colinette jitterbug sock.  I actually started the sock a few months based on the colinette pattern that comes on the ball band but then I had a problem…

I had 2 ball bands and Lola ate the top of one and the bottom of the other.  Whilst it looks like I would be able to put the 2 together and finish the pattern, there is actually about 2 lines missing!  So I ripped back the sock and started it again using the opal pattern…

I’m quite proud of my knitting progress this week, I’ve knit both socks in my spare time over 2 days so they’ve been knit up quite quickly.  At the same time I’ve also taught the hubby to knit on dpn’s!  He’s only worked on scarves before but now he’s moved onto socks.  He’s knitting the cuff on both socks now, I’ve split the ball for him so that he can knit them both at the same time and therefore avoid second sock syndrome!  Now I just have to finish the second colinette sock and whilst I’m doing that I have a pair of opal zebra rainforest socks to knit!

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spel priser

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