I’m reminiscing and getting all nostalgic about 2008, it was a funny old year! I’ve achieved more in 2008 personally than I have in total in the last 4 years!  My three major achievements have been; my business really taking off this year, meeting some wonderful new friends – all fabulous crafty folk and 2008 saw the start of Sheffield Craft Candy which I’m really proud of.  It’s through Craft Candy that I’ve met all of those lovely new friends and it’s been the nicest thing about starting the group.

So I thought what a better way to celebrate than to make a lovely mosaic of all my work.  Maybe if I do one of these every year I can see how my work has changed over time.  I’d like to hope that I will be able to see it improve as I develop my own unique style.  Here is to 2009 and the good times it has to show me and all my lovely family and friends! xx

Written by Sarah

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Great mosaic. I had trouble getting mine as large as I wanted, so I made a slide show for my blog of finished objects for 2008. It’s a good feeling to look at all of them, isn’t it?

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