I am not a happy bunny today!  I started with a bit of a back ache on Friday afternoon – this was after spending Friday morning tidying the attic to make some more space for my printing gear.  It didn’t really bother me though (or so I thought) until I went to work yesterday and the more stood up serving the more I felt like my back wouldn’t straighten.  By the time I left work yesterday I got 20 feet down Carterknowle Road and had to sit on the wall until Owen came to me my helper to get me home.  I felt about 90 years old and resembled Mrs Overall from Acorn antiques!! (Remember that Victoria Wood sketch?).  Now it’s Sunday and I still feel like someone is putting a red hot poker into my back!  On top of that I woke up with a sore throat and snotty nose – could it have been the cold wall that did it?

So what do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel crappy?

1. Drink wine (Hubby has just left for the corner shop)
2. Eat junk food (see above!)
3. Knit! or sort knitting!

So that’s my plan for this evening, in fact I’ve already sorted some knitting.  I’ve sat here trying not to move all afternoon and I’ve stashed some more yarns on Ravelry and added some pictures of them.  I’m now up to my 98th stashed yarn which is amazing, especially seeing as I know that I haven’t added everything yet!

This evenings plan is to knit a gauge swatch for Snow White and watch dvd’s – I’m now working my way through Angel so me and Angel and Spike will cuddle up this evening under a blanket eating crisps – how good does that sound?

Written by Sarah

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