I’m looking for the perfect blouse and with so much choice it’s hard to narrow the search down.  Of course I’m talking about sewing the blouse, not buying one, as if you thought I meant anything else!

I always start with Colette for obvious reasons, because the patterns are just too lovely.  I’ll start with the usual suspects and then move onto a few of my other favourites and just for the hell of it, I’m throwing in a vintage pattern at the end.

Colette pattern - Violet Blouse

Colette Pattern - Jasmine Blouse

Megan Nielsen - Banksia Top

These three blouses are all lovely, especially Violet and Banksia.  They are similar in style but different enough to make both.  I’m thinking about a simple lightweight organic cotton version of each and then a patterned version of one at least, preferably in a Liberty lawn to match the vintage style.

Sewaholic Renfrew Top

I love this pattern, there are a couple of versions available both long sleeved and short.  I can never find the right t-shirt top so sewing my own would be great.  One of my favourites, Lladybird, has a really great version of this top here.

And finally, the Vintage fix….

Economy Design Vintage Sewing Pattern

Love this pattern and it’s in my size!  You can find more treats from this ebay seller in her Etsy shop.

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