I’m excited because tomorrow I’m visiting my favourite fabric shop again, Patchwork Direct in Darley Dale.  I’m going back for some more gorgeous Polly Loves Paris fabric and the pattern for the most gorgeous quilt in the world.  It’s been a couple of months since I last went and I’m sure I blogged about it at the time, the lady in the shop was trying to sell me a last minute quilt pattern as I was paying for my fabrics, I made the sensible decision to pay first and look after but since then I’ve been thinking about the beautiful quilt so tomorrow I’m going back to get everything I need.  Whilst we are in those neck of the woods I’m also going to pay a visit to my favourite antique shop in Matlock.  Fabric and antiques – is there any better way to spend the morning?

This morning we went into the studio again, armed with my dad and the drill!  Mission for this morning was to put my fabric rack up, put the last 2 shelves up and build a cupboard for my cups and tea and coffee jars.  Hubby has hundreds of random pieces of wood in his studio next door so I described to my dad what I wanted and what the little unit needed to house and he set about making it.  We didn’t have time to finish before my dad had to go back for his lunch so pictures to follow later in the week!

Here are the shelves hubby put up for me though – he even rounded the corners of the bottom two because he says I’m ‘the clumsiest person in the world’ and is frightened I’m going to take my eye out on one of them!

Written by Sarah


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