This week I have an interesting fabric story to tell.  I’m shortly going to be printing some fabric for a hand printed fabric swap and I can hardly contain my excitement.

Lesley, the hugely talented lady behind Maze and Vale, runs a hand printed fabric swap, this is the 3rd event so far.  I meant to get involved last time but life got away with me so I was determined to get a move on and submit this time round.

The swap involves printing 4 pieces of hand printed fabric of your own original design.  You are then assigned some swap buddies by Lesley and once printed, you post off your fabric to your print buddies and you receive 4 pieces of fabric in return.  How wonderful is that?  You also get to give an idea of the kinds of colours you like too just in case your print buddies want to print something up in the colours you adore.  I gave blues, yellows and greens as my preference but you know me, I love all colours.

I have my swap partners and just over a week to get my design finished and printed so I’d better get a move on.  I’ll be sending my fabrics to Australia and the USA.  I’ve been mulling over this for a number of weeks and inspiration finally hit last week when my husband brought my some daffies back from the shops.  Here’s a little snap of them that ended up on my Instagram feed this week.  I’ll be printing up my fabric pieces using stencil screen printing techniques and a number of colours.

2013-03-12 14.23.03

Stay tuned for more information about my print as it takes shape next week.  I’ll also make sure I take lots of pictures of the lovely fabrics I receive in return, I can’t wait to see them.

Written by Sarah



I can’t wait to see all the fabrics, it’s such a great swap, I’m so glad I went for it this year! I’ll have to have a nosey on your blog to see what you’ve printed for your group!


I can’t wait to see what you’ve made. Angela is right– a bit intimidating having you (and the 3 others really) in my swap group, but it’s really pushed me to have make sure I do it right. Your work is very inspiring!


Ha ha, and here’s me wrapping up the fabric this morning and worrying like a nutcase about how rubbish it’ll be in comparison to everyone elses’ fabric. We’re all the same really aren’t we?!? I’ve loved the whole experience though to be honest, despite all the worrying, and I’ll be posting on my blog later this week about my pieces :)

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