This week has been unbelievably quiet – as I’ve said before I’m a very bad patient and therefore awful at doing nothing so I’m still struggling a bit with not being able to do anything!

To break up the boredom me and the hubby went in to the studio yesterday to tackle the big move around.  I use ‘we’ in the loosest possible way of course – the day involved him struggling to move large pieces of wood and me sat in the corner watching!  At least it’s better than being bored at home and even though I was only supervising it was really nice to get out of the house.  As I said before in one of my previous posts, my printing table needs extending as it’s too small.  My idea was to use my sewing desk table top to extend the printing table (always thinking low cost or no cost!) and even though this would only add 60cm on to the width of the table it means that I will be able to print across the whole width of a roll of fabric which is brilliant! (the average roll being 1.5m).

Here is the old room layout with the table in the middle of the room:

To the left of the table is my desk which you can’t see on this shot – it was right by the window (which is bad for concentration as I often gaze out when I should be doing work!).  Here is the new table size and showing the new placement in front of the window:

I now have an overhang of 30cm on each side of the table which is good for sitting round for workshops which is handy – also the light by the window is great which makes my work easier.  The only problem is that I can’t fit any furniture on either side of the table as I only have 70cm walking room on either side which is a little tight.  This means that my desk and bookcase has moved so now in the middle of the room I have a cosy new working area (apologies for the mess – this is before we tidied up):

I’m a bit more pushed for space now and the light isn’t quite as good on my desk but printing is the activity that happens the most in my studio so it makes sense really.  I’m also a little too close to my washout booth for my liking but it can’t be helped.  Unfortunately this means that I wont be able to bring in my other books and shelves from home as I really have run out of room now so we might have to box some things up when we move in to the new house.  I really like the layout though and with the bigger table it really is a better use of space so I’ll see how it all feels over the next few weeks.

All that needs doing now is the padding and calico on the table top and then I’ll be ready to go!  Here is the view from the window of the whole studio:

Hubby also made some modifications to the underside of the table so I could stack my screens a bit better – here they all are looking very neat (this wont last!)

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