Ok, panic set in a little today.  It’s two weeks exactly to the craft fair and I kind of lost it today.  I’ve had a bit of a problem to work through with the glasses cases and after 2 days of working out about 10 different patterns I was on the verge of being comotose and so this morning hubby picked me up off the floor, made me get showered and ready and we wandered off for a bit of fresh air.  Did you see the weather today though?  We went from having glorious sunshine to absolute downpours of nice warm summer rain.  My sister is in Cornwall at the moment, I hope she isn’t having this kind of weather down there!

Isn’t it amazing that if you step back from a problem it suddenly gets better?  After we got back, a little wet but feeling slightly refreshed, I sat down again, drew a further 3 patterns and then eventually got it right! Needless to say, I have a nice little pile of tested pieces made in a variety of different scrap fabrics.  At least I have finally cracked it though.  Now onwards and upwards towards the printing.

Am off to town tomorrow morning with hubby, he is going to finish off the jewellery I am taking to the fair and I’m going to have a little jaunt in to town and a little mosey around Coles and Waterstones.  The problem is that there are so many books I want, working in a library kind of curbs your spending habits though.  It is pay day tomorrow though, even if I haven’t been paid for my new contracted hours, wont moan about that though or I wont stop.  The only problem is that if I go in Coles I might buy this…

It’s gorgeous!!!!  I love it to bits and seeing as I never buy ANYTHING anymore I kind of thought that maybe I deserved it!  My little Apple clamshell would look beautiful in it.  I have to ask myself seriously though, when would I use it?  If me and hubby got a studio then I would definitely use it but that’s too much of a long shot.  Cath Kidston have a sale on at the moment but as you can see from the link it’s not in it, in fact it’s out of stock.  Last time I went in Coles though it was there.  Must restrain myself!!!!

Written by Sarah

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