I decided to do a bit of retail therapy yesterday, not for myself though, although that doesn’t really matter!  I’ve been searching for a present for my sister as it’s her birthday next week.  I’ve more or less decided what to get her now, although I can’t write it here just in case she’s stalking my blog looking for clues.  I bought her a lovely card from Etsy today though, I was determined to get something unusual and handmade and I think I’ve achieved that perfectly!  I will take a picture when it arrives but wont be able to publish it until after next Thursday!

Whilst I was noseying around Etsy I decided to have a look at one of my favourite shops; Made by Hank and I found this:

Zipper purse by Made by Hank

I absolutely adore this one!  I never thought of myself as a pink person but I am really drawn to it as a colour (as you can probably tell from my website!).  I just wish that I had the cash to buy it – I have to be careful this month just in case I get that studio – why is a birthday never around when you want it!

Also I’ve decided that this is going to be my last post for a while, hopefully I’ll be back soon but because of not being very well at the moment my blog posts are getting really depressing.  It’s no fun to read that is it?  I’ve been signed off work for a while so until I get myself better and back on my feet I’ve decided to take a temporary break. ttfn


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kate (skeffto)

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, it’s rubbish feeling poorly all the time. Hopefully the rest will help you to recover. Take good care of yourself! Hugs :)

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