I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in three treasuries this week then today one of them made it to the front page which is fantastic!  It’s only the second time I’ve been featured on Etsy’s front page and this time it’s with my fabric so that makes me super happy, here is the screen shot:

Can you spot my bird brolly fabric in yellow down at the bottom?  I’m well chuffed, in fact that has made my day and cheered my up considerably!  I’m a bit stressed as I have a busy month ahead, I’m due to go back to the library soon and I’m also throwing myself in trying to get things back on track with the business including ordering some new screens.  Things have been super quiet the last few months as you know.  I’ve kept things ticking over by listing lots of bits and bobs and also printing up a few small items but I really need to get back in to the swing of things.

I’m also coming up to my anniversary of my studio – I moved in almost a year ago, how that has flown by!  To make things a bit more complicated I’m looking at moving to another studio block!  I’ve registered my interest in a studio at Persistence Works which means no frozen fingers in winter but it also means a smaller studio.  Don’t think I’ve got much chance of getting it though as I am too far down the list but I can try can’t I!?!?!  I’ll keep you posted.

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Jacqui Dodds

Just to let you know that your Hand printed Knitting Project Bag is a featured item on Folksy today – don’t know if you know or not?

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