I’m a bit of an ercol nut, those of you who regularly follow my blog will know that I have quite a few pieces already. It all started with our dresser and dining table and chairs, my parents had these for years, me and my sister used to scrape our nails in the varnish when we were kids ( I cringe at that thought now!). Then when me and my husband got our first flat 8 years ago, his parents lent us their sofa and chair set, unfortunately we had to give this up when we moved into a furnished house so it passed to my brother in law and his girlfriend. Then when we bought our house last year my parents gave us the old dresser and table and we’ve been steadily adding to our collection ever since. We bought a replacement two seater sofa first from Gumtree, followed by a sideboard from eBay (the love of my life) and then earlier this year the pebble set of coffee tables, also from eBay. Now we’ve added the most coveted piece yet, the ercol daybed. I’ve wanted one of these forever and now I can’t wait for it to arrive. We just have to choose the fabric to have it reupholstered, we will probably do the sofa at the same time. Here is a photo of a lovely daybed surrounded by Sanderson fabrics, isn’t it gorgeous?

My husband wants me to print some fabric for both of them but I think I’d rather go for a plain colour which we can then add to with extra scatter cushions in a nice bold print. Our sofa at the moment has two of my cushions on it so we’re just getting used to having those prints in the house to see what we think. At least you can always alter the cushions, you’re stuck with the upholstery until it wears out!

Written by Sarah



I don’t really look at furniture – mostly because I can only afford to buy from Ikea – but I think you’ve just kindled a very serious Ercol daybed lust in me. Very serious indeed.

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