Mmmmm, my breakfast this morning…

egg man

I feel like a 5 year old when i have a breakfast like this but I like it!  Here he is 5 minutes later…

no more egg man

Isn’t it sad, no more eggy spaceman!  What a nice start to a week off work.  I have worked all the hours I have to next week and am not working again until the end of next week – yippee!

Now, for a craft fair update!  I’ve made my banner and I think it looks quite good, I thought I’d make a little tutorial for it as I found it difficult to find one when I was making mine.  Here it is:


What do you think?  I did it all with transfers, I just have to put eyelets in the corners now and then it’s all done.  It’s really strange seeing your company name in big letters, it looks huge!  I’ve made it about 5 feet long because that how big my table is.  My next fair has a much larger table so then I can just hang it behind me.  It really does make a difference to have it though I think because people have to know who you are!

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